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Frequently Ask Questions

AirTouch SMS-Line is a do-it-yourself text message solution that offers both interactive and broadcast SMS marketing. Users can be up and running within minutes.

AirTouch SMS-Line has a wide variety of users. Some of the largest users of our mobile marketing services are advertising agencies and radio stations. There are also a lot of auto dealers, nightclubs, retailers, schools and universities, and newspapers. The most common applications are sweepstakes, coupons, and mobile alerts.

We recommend the Text Message Blog that reports on the mobile marketing industry.

Yes, of course. The packages on the site are traditionally the ones that most customers decide to purchase. Our sales department is happy to customize a package for your specific needs. Just contact us

Our bulk purchasing of SMS from the carriers gives us some of the cheapest prices for text message marketing in the industry. If you see a cheaper price, however, we will match it to earn your business. Just give us a call on 0722 803 500 and we can discuss the details.

Yes, QR Codes can be incorporated into your text message plan at AirTouch SMS-Line. For more information get in touch

Interactive programs involve sending a keyword to a short code e.g 22920 and getting a response message back immediately. Broadcast programs involve your sending a simultaneous text message to a large database of users.

Other Generic Questions

A short code is a promotional, currently four-digit number, that acts as the cell phone number. A short code is established for promotional text messaging. Sending promotional or advertising messages from anything but a short code can be seen as spam by the carriers.

Yes, you could get your own short code, but they are quite expensive. The cost for a standard short code is Kes 13,500/= per month and is Kes 250,000/= onetime for a golden short code. These are not our costs, but are simply passed through costs from the carriers.

The technology behind AirTouch SMS-Line can support other short codes, but most people opt to use the shared short code technology.

A golden short code is a more memorable number; 6969 was a golden short code, because it was so easy to remember. If you are using broadcasting for your mobile marketing, a golden short code is critical, because your message must be retained by the listener in a short commercial message.

The major advantage of a shared short code is clearly cost. AirTouch SMS-Line has already paid for all the start-up and monthly costs for the shared short code and many organizations use the same short code.

The only disadvantage is that no two users can use the same keyword. It is possible, although unlikely, that the keyword you request is already being used by another organization.

A keyword is the word that is sent via text message to 22920 that identifies your service. For example, text WIN to 22920. Keywords are not case-sensitive; therefore it doesn't matter if you capitalize some, all or none of the letters of the keyword. When advertising a keyword, we recommend capitalizing the keyword in your advertisement so that it stands out from the rest of the message.

You can use the keyword for as long as you continue to pay for the keyword on a monthly basis. If you cancel your account or fail to make your payment, the keyword becomes available for others to register after 30 days.

AirTouch SMS-Line allows for you to purchase additional keywords for Kes 1,500/= each per month.

The great advantage to mobile marketing is the database that you create. You own the database and AirTouch SMS-Line has no rights to the database. The database will never be re-sold or used for any purposes other than your own.

Yes, you can maintain multiple databases for different promotions, regions, clients or any other purpose.

No software and no download of our mobile marketing program is required. You configure your keywords through a simple website that you can access from any computer that is connected to the Internet. You can even access your account from a Smartphone or cell phone if you are on the move and need to send a text message to your database.


AirTouch Connections Limited (ACL) is an Application and Content Service Provider licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) that specializes in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Mobile & Internet based solutions. We create innovative solutions and services for businesses and mobile subscribers.

We strive to understand the needs of users as it applies to mobile services and then create and develop mobile solutions that meet those needs. We lead in providing mobile entertainment, information, advertising and financial services to businesses, politicians and end user customers.

ACL is a privately owned company registered in 2006 based in Nairobi

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Anti-Spam Policy

We have a strict anti-spam policy against spamming. We forbid the use of our broadcast text message system to be used in a manner that constitutes spamming. Our terms and conditions prohibit the sending of text messages to anyone who has not opted-in to receive such messages.

We ensure that recipients of text messages from our system have the ability, at any time, to stop receiving such text messages by simply texting.

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